Match Report: KLH vs SW

The TLC Semifinals match against Swestic (SW) ended with KL Hunters clinching victory with a 3-1 score, effectively ends the team’s goal of having a perfect run through the TLC 2016 Summer Split.

Game 1 started off slow, but the team managed to take the win after several good fights. Riding the momentum, game 2 was taken pretty convincingly for the KL Hunters side. However, complacency struck the team in game 3 and the team dropped our first game of the season to Swestic.

Ultimately, the team managed to rally in game 4 and finished the series 3-1. However, it was a harsh lesson for the team – a warning to not be complacent and lose our focus in the middle of a series.

KL Hunters is now in the finals of the TLC 2016 Summer Split, to be played at 3PM, 23rd July 2016. However, the team will be playing against the Saigon Jokers in the King of SEA on the 13th July 2016 at 6PM.

We thank everyone for the support, and we’ll continue striving to improve and make Malaysians proud

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