Match Report: KLH vs SAJ

The King of SEA Invitationals match concluded with KL Hunters unable to overthrow the current king, Saigon Jokers in a 0-3 defeat. While Saigon Jokers played admirably well, the team felt that they were unprepared and is severely outclassed.

Game 1 was lost despite CO4’s Jhin taking first blood against HanYiAnn’s Hecarim as the team misplayed the lane swap. The loss snowballed into game 2 and 3 where the team couldn’t take control of the game as SAJ pushed to series relentlessly to a quick 3-0.

Most definitely, the team has not gave up in our dreams. We’ll continue to push forward and make Malaysians proud. It’s not an easy road to take, but we are confident and we’ll give it our all.

Up next, TLC Finals match against Dulcet Essence.

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