Digi & Logitech G Named Official Partners of Kuala Lumpur Hunters

[19th June, 2017] Malaysia’s leading mobile connectivity and internet services provider, DiGi announced their one-year partnership deal with Kuala Lumpur Hunters alongside long-standing sponsors and gaming industry leaders, Logitech.

Other than having Poon ‘Ozora Veki’ Kok Sing returning to the team as team captain with international experience, on the 19th June, 2017, Kuala Lumpur Hunters has reached another big milestone as Malaysia’s leading mobile connectivity and internet services provider, Digi has now joined in as our partner alongside long-standing sponsors and gaming industry leaders, Logitech G!


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Garena’s Partnership Manager, Yeap Su Fern

“As game publishers, Garena Malaysia has a dream to see as many local players as possible succeed on the international stage. This starts with local players having access to the same opportunities and facilities as international players. We’re very proud of our KL Hunters, both their players and their management, for working this hard to deserve the opportunities that they have today. Congratulations, we believe that we will be see the team reach greater heights this year! ” – Yeap Su Fern, Garena’s Partnership Manager.


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Other than having Digi on board with us, thanks to both our partners, KLH will be undergoing a month-long eSports bootcamp in South Korea to train against the most successful region in League of Legends!


Digi’s Associate Principal Activation & Sponsorship Manager, Mohd Muhaymin.

“We are delighted to be partners with local gaming champions Kuala Lumpur Hunters and look forward to working towards our shared goal of positioning Malaysia as a powerhouse in Southeast Asian eSports. The boot camp in Korea is a fantastic opportunity for each player to train and develop their specialties, as well as for the team to build better group dynamics and coordination in the game. Digi is a fun and youthful brand so it’s only natural that we take a leading position in the local gaming scene. Partnerships like this are just the beginning to a future with many more gaming-related offerings that we’re confident our customers will love.” – Mohd Muhaymin, DiGi’s Associate Principal Activation & Sponsorship Manager.


Logitech G’s Country Manager, KP Sim

“We are committed to continuing our support to KLH on every step of the way. We believe in the team’s potentials to achieve new heights and to cement their name in the in the international League of Legends community.” – KP Sim, Country Manager for Logitech Malaysia, Philippines and Brunei.

Not to mention that KLH also managed to get their hands on the G433 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset and the G233 Prodigy Gaming Headset to up their OOTD game. Big thanks to KP Sim for always spoiling us with the best gears possible! As our team captain Ozora Veki would say, only good gear!



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Kuala Lumpur Hunters Manager, Amanda Louis Lee


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Garena Partnerships Manager, Su Fern, Logitech Country Manager, KP Sim, Digi’s Senior Community Manager – Digital Engagement, Matther Ho,  DiGi’s Associate Principal Activation & Sponsorship Manager, Mohd Muhaymin and Kuala Lumpur Hunters Manager, Amanda Louis Lee making things official by signing the one year contact.


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Once again, it is almost impossible to express in words the gratitude that we have towards our partners. It has been a tough road getting to where we are today, but not as tough as it would have been without the help of Logitech G. And with Digi on board with us, the future looks brighter than ever.

We would also like to thank our fans for their constant support and love. KLH gets through day to day because of all of you. We are trying our hardest to make you guys proud this year by reaching Worlds!

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